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            Ayurleaf Herbals Cholostel Remedies For Cholesterol - Herbal Supplement 500mg

            List Price : $ 9.97
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            Trial - Buy 60 capsules x 1 bottle, = $ 9.97
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            Benefits & Features :

            1. Heart problems arise when cholesterol converts into toxic form in the blood causing grave risks of heart attacks, seizure and even fatal heart failures. Thus, Cholostel helps in intervening at the very genesis of atherosclerosis, blocking the toxic transformation of bad cholesterol.
            2. Thus, it becomes beneficial to the ones who have a regular problem of high cholesterol and prevents its further occurrence.
            3. Cholostel also works as an anti-oxidant, cleaning the toxins and purifying the blood.
            4. Consisting of Guggulu or Chommiphora mukul, Cholostel is an effective cholesterol reducing medicine and also helps maintaining a good digestive system.

            Dosage :

            Cholostel should be taken one or two capsules twice daily after meals.

            Along with the medicine, a person must take a good healthy diet along with exercising everyday.

            Many of us suffer from heart ailments nowadays due to various reasons such as inactive lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and bad vices such as smoking and alcoholism. Higher LDL (Bad cholesterol) levels are always an indication for underlying heart ailments. There are many synthetic drugs available today which reduce LDL levels but they all have certain side effects. On the contrary there are some natural herbs which are also available in extracted pills form which can really do the same. But, are they are effective? This is a question which arises in our minds. Lets us have a brief understanding regarding the same.

            Natural Cholesterol Remedy
            More than 1/3rd of the population of people in the United States and United Kingdom suffer from heart ailments and high cholesterol. There are many reasons including the infatuation with ready to eat meals, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption all contribute to this. Although there are a number of synthetic drugs also known as statins which help control cholesterol but cause a host of side effects to the human body and vital organs such as liver and kidney. Hence resorting to natural and herbal ways to combat this problem seems to be on everyone's mind today.

            Natural Cholesterol Remedy
            Cholesterol is a lipid produced by the liver which helps in various bodily functions. But increased cholesterol levels can cause clogged arteries which can result in heart attacks and stroke. Once again, there are good and bad types of cholesterol. LDL or Low density Lipoprotein is the bad one. Hence lowering LDL levels is extremely important to lead a healthy and longer life. There are natural ways of lowering your LDL by adapting a healthier lifestyle comprising of a healthy diet consisting of equal portions of veggies, fruits and healthy fats and a regular workout regimen. This should be combined with certain herbs which act as natural cholesterol remedy and help in lowering your cholesterol levels.

            • Terminalia Arjuna: This is a medicinal tree found in many parts of India and Asia. As per ancient ayurveda, the bark of this tree has great medicinal value and is loaded with minerals such as saponins, falvonoids, Glycosterols which helps in lowering your LDL levels considerably and also help to strengthen your heart muscles which is beneficial for cardiac health. If you have any type of cholesterol problem, then you should consider inlcuding Terminalia Arjuna as a natural cholesterol remedy in your diet.
            • Garlic: This common herb which we use in our daily lives is a storehouse of various anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory components. Garlic has been used for maintain cardiac health since the ancient times. It is known to have properties which help reduce cholesterol considerably if taken on a daily basis. Being a testosterone booster it can also help in weight management.
            These natural herbs can be taken in powdered or capsule form which contain pure standardized extracts of these herbs. Potent and convenient,  Ayurleaf Herbals natural cholesterol remedies can readily help in reducing cholesterol levels considerably.

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