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            Ayurleaf Herbals Garcinia (Vrikshamla) - WEIGHT LOSS HERBAL SUPPLEMENT 500mg

            List Price : $ 7.1
            No Of Bottle :
            Trial - Buy 60 capsules x 1 bottle, = $ 7.1
            Buy - 60 capsules X 3 bottles, = $ 21.3
            Buy - 60 capsules X 6 bottles, = $ 42.6
            Buy - 60 capsules X 9 bottles, = $ 63.9
            Buy - 60 capsules X 12 bottles, = $ 85.2
            Benefits & Features :

            Slimonil not just burns excessive fat in the body but also work as a therapeutic.

            Dosage :

            • 2 capaules at morning and 2 capsule at evening after meal for min-45 days course required
            • Balanced diet and a good workout.
            • Slimonil is recommended according to the metabolism rate, health, and age of the person concerned.

            How to lose weight naturally

            Obesity increases the chances of many lifestyle diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, various forms of cancers and also obstructive sleep apnea(OSA). And the most important part is that the solution or at least a part of it, to all of these problems is "weight loss". There are two ways to lose weight. The fast way and the safe way. The second one is obviously the recommended one that stays long term. Most people shun away from artificial ways of weight loss such as synthetic fat burners and fancy equipment which can cause some serious side effects. In extreme cases, even death has been reported from the use of some synthetic fat burners. As per ancient ayurveda which is considered to be one of the oldest and most reputed health forms, there are many herbs which allow people to lose weight naturally without any side effects. These herbs can be also taken as pure extracts or in capsule form which is manufactured by reputed herbal and ayurvedic supplement companies. Let us have a look at some natural herbs that promotes weight loss without any side effects.

            Borhavia Diffusa: This herb is also known as a rejuvenator due to its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It helps is eliminating free radicals thereby killing harmful toxins and lower your blood sugar levels. This enhances fat loss in natural way.
            Embellia Ribes: This herb is well known for its laxative properties as it cleans up the digestive tract and the intestines by eliminating all harmful parasites.It elevates your metabolism and you body ends up burning more fat for fuel expenditure and the result is increased fat loss.
            Guggul: The benefits of guggul are very well known in ayurveda. Guggulsterone which is the main component is extracted from the shrubs of a deciduous tree known as guggul which is found in many parts of Asia. This component has the ability to inhibit the growth of new fat cells and is also known to reduce LDL levels considerably. Hence it is equally beneficial to people with cardiac issues.

            There are many more herbs which promote fat loss safely and the best way to get the maximum benefits are by taking a combination of all these herbs formulated together into a pill or extract. Reputed companies such as Ayurleaf Herbals have pills that are formulated from pure extracts of these herbs and are highly effective. Our high quality Ayurvedic medicaitons allow people to lose weight naturally and are safe and reliable.

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